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Category: ALL (461 records) 200630: City & County Computers & Police Evidence - Internet Only Auction - June 30, 2020 9:00am
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1B T1B-1.jpgPayment Terms:Due to the Coronavirus and the goal to reduce interactions and maintain social distancing. Our Payment terms will be modified going forward as we attempt to have all electronic payments. 
  • Payments under $1000 will be automatically charged to the credit card on file, immediately following the auction.
  • Payments over $1000 can be made by bank wire transfer and cash deposits made directly into our account at a Chase Bank.
  • Cashier Checks will be accepted in our office, at this time we are not accepting cash in the office
  • Payments in bank wire transfer and those directly deposited into our account will receive a 3% reduction off the buyer's premium. 
  • Please call our office for our wire information at 303.289.1600

1C T1C-1.jpgRemoval Terms: Due to the Coronavirus and the goal to reduce interactions and maintain social distancing. Our removal procedures will be modified going forward, we will be utilizing a scheduling system for all removals.We appreciate you working with us to make this and future auctions a success in these trying times.
  • Removal days will be July 1st and 2nd from 8:00am - 5:00pm.
  • When you receive the paid in full invoice there will be a link to the Sign Up Genius page that will display all the available pick up time slots. We will only be allowing 20 bidders per hour to keep wait times down and help maintain the safety of our customers and staff.
  • Scroll through the times and click the sign up box next to the time that will work for you. With the sign up box checked for your preferred time slot, click the Submit and Sign Up button on the bottom of the screen
  • You will be taken to the sign up page where you will be asked to fill in your name, email (please use the email associated with your bidder information) and bidder number. At this time you can create an account to make sign up faster on future removals.
  • Click the Sign Up Now button and you will be reserved for that time slot. We ask that you please show up during your reserved sign up time as this will help us keep the removal experience positive for all bidders.
  • When you arrive for your reserved time check in with the Roller Employee who will direct you to your lots for removal. 

If items are not removed by 5:00pm on July 2nd, a $25 fee will be charged. Any items not picked up by the removal deadline are considered abandoned and bidders may not have access to said items or be permitted to participate in future auctions.

All tools that may be required for disassembly and removal of auction items is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Please do your due diligence during inspection to determine what will be needed. If you have any questions at all, contact us prior to bidding.It is the buyers’ responsibility to pick up all purchased lots. Roller personnel is there to assist/locate items but not to verify all items have been picked up. We will attempt to assist with this, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer.

1D T1D-1.jpgUse this lot to place practice bids. Feel free to experiment here with placing max bids, current bids or both. Call our office with any questions. 303-289-1600 or 866-515-1668.

  • Assets from Local Sporting Venue and Bakery - July 6th at 1pm 
  • We Be Christmas - July 7th at 9am
  • Government / Fleet Vehicles adn Equipment - July 15th
  • Vehicles, Contraction & Rental Yard Equipment - July 22nd at 8:30am


The items in this auction are located in building D. Please reference the map to easily find building D once you drive through the gate off of York Street. The building entrance is indicated by the yellow asterisk.

When you arrive please pull up to the gate and call us from your cell phone requesting for the gate to be opened. Once it opens please pull around to the shack located outside of Warehouse D. 

Note there is a U-Haul facility immediately north of us on York Street if renting a truck or trailer would help facilitate getting your items picked up.

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2 T2-1.jpgEcho HC-152 Chainsaw, Gas Engine

Please Note: Due to the Coronavirus and the goal to reduce interactions and maintain social distancing our payment terms will be modified going forward. Please visit our Complete Payment Terms


Multiple Images: 4
15 60248 137.00   ended
3 T3-1.jpgPhillips Norelco Multigroom 9000 Trimmer

Multiple Images: 2
16 11207 55.00   ended
4 T4-1.jpgGooLoo Jump Starter Power Bank

Multiple Images: 3
9 1350 46.00   ended
5 T5-1.jpgTray of Office Supplies; Label Printer, Pencils, Flash Drive, Batteries, etc

Multiple Images: 4
13 63732 75.00   ended
6 T6-1.jpg(2) Kicker DS693 Speakers

Multiple Images: 3
21 63894 107.00   ended
7 T7-1.jpg(5) New DeWalt 12in Saw Blades

Multiple Images: 2
11 7205 125.00   ended
8 T8-1.jpgTray of Socks, Gloves, Thermal Shirt (Med / Tall), Belt and Hat

Multiple Images: 6
6 61492 17.00   ended
9 T9-1.jpgBackpack, Purse and Time & Tru Women's Shoes, Size 6

Multiple Images: 4
3 41099 11.00   ended
10 T10-1.jpg(2) Speakers

Multiple Images: 2
10 63432 65.00   ended
11 T11-1.jpgKicker Comp 5 Subwoofer

Multiple Images: 2
7 63878 70.00   ended
12 T12-1.jpg(2) Rip Sticks and Razor Scooter

Multiple Images: 3
5 63778 21.00   ended
13 T13-1.jpgBern XL Helmet with Branded Goggles

Multiple Images: 4
17 59438 30.00   ended
14 T14-1.jpgEpiphone Studio 10 Amp, Power Strip, Clock

Multiple Images: 3
12 26228 32.50   ended
15 T15-1.jpgHomedics Pulse Oximeter, Generation Guard GM-500W Wrist Blood Pressure Kit

Multiple Images: 3
13 63893 47.50   ended
16 T16-1.jpgTray of Pipes, Sloan Water Closet and Urinal Flushometers

Multiple Images: 3
13 6319 61.66   ended
17 T17-1.jpg(2) DeWalt Parts Boxes and (3) Tool Bags

Multiple Images: 4
11 4277 55.00   ended
18 T18-1.jpgBrother XL-2610 Sewing Machine

Multiple Images: 3
18 35673 91.51   ended
19 T19-1.jpgTommy Hilfiger XS Jacket, Calvin Klein XXS Jacket, Apt. 9 XXL & Small Shirts and Leather Cleaning Kit

Multiple Images: 5
11 61492 45.00   ended
20 T20-1.jpgHomelite UT44120 Hedge Trimmer

Multiple Images: 3
9 43483 37.50   ended
21 T21-1.jpgCraftsman Reciprocating Saw, Drill and Hand Saw

Multiple Images: 5
3 29645 7.50   ended
22 T22-1.jpg(3) DeWalt Drills

Multiple Images: 4
11 61018 110.00   ended
23 T23-1.jpgDeWalt DW292 Impact Wrench

Multiple Images: 2
9 16777 47.50   ended
24 T24-1.jpgRyobi Reciprocating Saw & Drill

Multiple Images: 2
10 2661 30.00   ended
25 T25-1.jpg(2) Bolt Cutters, 24in

Multiple Images: 2
8 21465 22.00   ended
26 T26-1.jpgBrooks Ghost 8 Men's Running Shoes, Size 11.5

Please Note: Removal for this auction is being scheduled by appointment only through Sign Up Genius. You will receive a link to this in your invoice after the auction. To view the full removal terms please visit our Removal Terms

Multiple Images: 3
12 50389 55.00   ended
27 T27-1.jpgPoker Set and Royal Cash Counter

Multiple Images: 3
13 34959 65.00   ended
28 T28-1.jpg(3) Makita Grinders

Multiple Images: 3
15 3046 63.00   ended
29 T29-1.jpg(2) Floor Jacks

Multiple Images: 3
7 13238 27.50   ended
30 T30-1.jpgBlack & Decker HT20 Hedge Trimmer, 20in

Multiple Images: 2
8 50389 37.50   ended
31 T31-1.jpgLeblanc Clarinet

Multiple Images: 4
17 5699 215.00   ended
32 T32-1.jpgTray of Ratchet Straps, (3) Ball Hitches and Motor

Multiple Images: 6
13 6319 65.00   ended
33 T33-1.jpgHammer and Bolt Cutters

Multiple Images: 3
12 37711 22.50   ended
34 T34-1.jpgBox of Assorted Size Men's Pants

Multiple Images: 5
8 13238 15.25   ended
35 T35-1.jpgDeWalt DWFA3PL Nail Gun

Multiple Images: 2
15 30761 105.00   ended
36 T36-1.jpgTray of Tools and 2-Ton Floor Jack

Multiple Images: 4
8 19291 37.75   ended
37 T37-1.jpgBosch Bulldog Drill

Multiple Images: 3
7 45003 50.00   ended
38 T38-1.jpgPorter Cable Drill , Light and Reciprocating Saw

Multiple Images: 3
4 12939 8.50   ended
39 T39-1.jpg(3) Shelves of Tools, Toolboxes and Bags

Multiple Images: 9
18 6319 180.00   ended
40 T40-1.jpg(5) Drills & Drill Bit Kits

Multiple Images: 3
7 19291 90.00   ended
41 T41-1.jpgTray of Chargers and Extension Cords

Multiple Images: 3
13 3046 30.20   ended
42 T42-1.jpgSkilsaw 77 Worm Drive Saw

Multiple Images: 2
12 63278 95.00   ended
43 T43-1.jpgMulti Tool Kit

Multiple Images: 3
13 6319 42.50   ended
44 T44-1.jpgDurabuilt Multi Tool Kit

Multiple Images: 4
13 6319 47.50   ended
45 T45-1.jpgDremel 8220 Rotary Kit

Multiple Images: 3
9 63688 77.66   ended

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